Playclub 4 - Phase 5 Phonics
Playclub 4 - Phase 5 Phonics

Playclub 4 - Phase 5 Phonics

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Check out the Playclub 4 videos showing parents how to use the Playclub 4 bags
There are 8 bags in the Playclub 4 set:
  • Animal Rescue
  • Cook From A Book
  • Boat Race
  • Hook A Boot
  • Leaping Lily Pads
  • Stick Hunt
  • Treasure Island
  • Wizard's Wand

The Playclub 4 resources include:

  • A Teachers’ Pack and CD Rom with step-by-step instructions on how to run the project, with publicity templates, record sheets, ideas for workshops, evaluation forms and certificates 
  • 8 orange bags to develop Phase 5 letters and sounds and applied reading and writing. Activities include fishing for ‘oo’ sounds on Mister Magnolia’s boots, a treasure island board game, throwing frogs onto sounds on lily pads and a play about a wizard

Each bag contains

  • resources such as a wizard’s hat and scripts, lily pads and a frog, boots and a fishing rod
  • a card clearly explaining the activities to do together with a qr code linking parents to the videos showing how to do the activities

"This scheme has helped me to understand more about phonics and now I feel like I can support my child more at home with reading and writing." Parent from St John Fisher P.S
"All the family could take part and it helped the children use their imagination and it was fun." Parent from St Malachy’s


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