Playclub 2 - Phase 2 Phonics
Playclub 2 - Phase 2 Phonics

Playclub 2 - Phase 2 Phonics

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Check out the Playclub 2 videos showing parents how to use the Playclub 2 bags

There are 8 bags in the Playclub 2 set:

  • Animals
  • Huff Puff Puff
  • Buckets
  • Pirates
  • Ravenous Beast
  • Splash Time
  • Dig Dig Digging
  • What's in the Bag?

The Playclub 2 resources include:

  • A Teachers’ Pack and CD Rom with step-by-step instructions on how to run the project, with publicity templates, record sheets, ideas for workshops, evaluation forms and certificates 
  • 8 red bags with books with rhymes to sing, books to read, and fun activities to support Phase 2 phonics & reading activities - including hiding pirate treasure with letters, helping cheeky chimps to make words and making puppet shows of the Three Little Pigs.

Each bag contains

  • resources such as high quality story books, a telescope, a stethoscope, a Ravenous Beast puppet, little pigs and, of course, the wolf!
  • a CD with rhymes/songs and family friendly instructions on how to use the Playclub bags to support learning and have fun
  • a card clearly explaining the activities to do together with a qr code linking parents to videos showing how to do the activities

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